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Why are red squirrels so rare?
Hi, welcome to my small site about red squirrels. This is largely a links page to some sites within which you can get information on red and grey squirrels in Wales. These are listed along with a bit of information about content. If you have any suggestions for additional sites let me know- E-mail:

Red squirrels are rare in the UK largely because they are out-competed and replaced by populations of grey squirrels (check out the links for more info).

Grey squirrel control is therefore a vital component of local red squirrel conservation strategies. Other work that is carried out includes:

  1. Habitat management and manipulation - eg stand thinning regimes, harvesting cycles, selection of appropriate tree species in restocking schedules.
  2. The provision of red squirrel nest boxes which allow scientists to monitor rates of reproduction and survival.
  3. Monitoring population size and geographical distribution using trapping data or records of sightings.
  4. The involvement of the general public through active community education work which encourages local support for red squirrel conservation.
  5. Monitoring the frequency of para-pox anti-bodies in both red and grey populations. This is a disease implicated in some local red squirrel extinctions.

Red squirrel conservation is being carried out across the UK (England, Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales). In Wales red squirrels are close to extinction with a small and vulnerable population in Mid Wales, and a small population in Cloceanog forest which is mixed with significant numbers of grey squirrels. Anglesey is now likely to be the red squirrels last stand in Wales. Here local people are fighting to safeguard this wonderful woodland mammal.

Check out the links.


   Links to red squirrel information sites

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Action to conserve red squirrels on a UK island. Conservation information, grey squirrel control, woodland management and red squirrel reintroduction projects.

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Action to conserve red squirrels in Wales.


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